Meet the Photographer:


-My name is Melissa Dozier

-Has been a Professional Photographer for 9 years.

-Born and raised in Zephyrhills, Florida.

-Proud Dog Mom to Three Beautiful & Silly Dogs.

-Change's hair color often but Purple is by far my favorite so far!

- Loves Coffee, Photography, Makeup (especially Lipstick), Clothes, my Dogs and of course my Husband.

-Has 17 Tattoos but who's counting anyways right? haha ;)

-Runs a local Photography Facebook group and plan style shoots often for Photographers.

-Hopes to one day change the World.

-Goal in life is to make sure every single person that steps in front of my camera feel gorgeous! 


Equipment I use:

-Canon 5d Mark iii

-Canon 6D

-Canon 50mm 1.4

-Sigma 35mm Art 1.2

-Sigma 85mm Art 1.4